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Finance/Fundraising Resources

Throughout the school year our DNHS students and families are hard at work raising money and collecting goods to better our students, our community, and the world at large.  To ensure that the California Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) regulations and laws have been met, clubs and athletic teams are required to abide by the mandates outlined in the PUSD Club Handbook and finance presentation from the 9/2/21 interclub meeting (both linked below).  Finance and fundraising forms are also linked below, as well as a list of frequently asked questions related to club/athletic finance and fundraising procedures.

Please click here for a calendar of the DNHS approved fundraisers and drives.

To view the PUSD Club Handbook, containing explicit PUSD Club/Athletics Finance and Fundraising rules and procedures, please click here.

For a complete review of finance/fundraising information for DNHS clubs/athletics (presented at the 9/2/21 interclub meeting), please click here.

Forms/Information for Fundraisers/Drives:
  • Student Run Groups (includes any groups whose proceeds will be deposited into a school account):  Please click here for the Fundraising Application.
  • Parent Run Groups/Boosters:  Please click here for the Fundraising Application.
  • Drives:  Please click here for a copy of the Drive/Non-Profit Fundraiser Request Form.

General Finance Forms/Information:

  • Cash Box Request form - Please submit this Cash Box request form at least 48 hours in advance to the Finance Office.  The form has to be signed by the Club Advisor and the Club President/Treasurer.
  • Advertising – All advertisements (i.e. flyers or posters for fundraiser events and club meetings) must be approved through ASB before being posted on campus.  Please remember to use only painters tape and take down all club advertisements after the completion of the event.
  • Deposits – Money earned/collected is deposited into the club’s account through the finance office.  A completed deposit form must be turned in at the time of deposit.  Click here for a copy of the deposit form.
  • Purchases – Clubs can spend the money they have earned by requesting a purchase order through the finance office.  Click here for a copy of the purchase form.
  • For a purchase/reimbursement, meeting minutes must include:
  • A motion to spend the money
  • The name of the student who made the motion
  • The name of the student who seconded the motion
  • Who many votes were for the motion, abstention, and whether the motion was carried (approved).
  • Logo Standards - DNHS graphic standards guidelines

If you have any questions about the forms linked or finance/fundraising procedure, please reach out to us at our email [email protected] or come see us in the ASB room (B128) during lunch or break.  


  • Are clubs required to report spendings? 
    • Clubs are required to report all money spent to the Finance Office. All expenditures must be approved by the club (in accordance with the club’s constitution) and the meeting minutes attached to the Purchase Order (PO) Form.
  • What type of fundraisers can I have?  
    • There are two types of fundraisers, a profit and a nonprofit. A profit fundraiser is used to raise money for the club that the club can then use to buy whatever supplies they need. A nonprofit fundraiser is typically something like a food drive or an item drive.
  • What items can I not be reimbursed for? 
    • There are many different items that you cannot purchase such as weapons, power tools, etc. If you are unsure about an item, ask Mrs. Lerner in the finance office before purchasing the item.
  • What are we allowed and not allowed to do with gift cards?
    • When it comes to gift cards, you are allowed to sell them but not give them out. An example of what you can do is contact a restaurant to be given gift cards and sell them as a part of the fundraising. However, you cannot give out gift cards as bribery or incentive 
  • Can I donate to outside organizations?
    • Clubs are not allowed to donate or give money to any outside organizations. Clubs are allowed to donate items (ex. Canned goods, clothes, etc.) as long as a fundraiser form is filled out. 
  • What does co-mingling of funds mean?
    • Co-mingling of funds is the mix of private and public funds together in the ASB trust account. All accounts must be kept separate from each other at all times.
  • How can I check to see how much money my club has?
    • To check and see how much money your club has, go to the finance center located in the Nighthawk Center and talk with Mrs. Lerner (the finance technician). 
  • What counts as proof of purchase?
    • Proof of purchase is needed in order to be reimbursed for club purchases. Examples of proof of purchase include receipts and order confirmation. 
  • What does conflict of interest mean?
    • Conflict of interest is the use of a position or influence in order to receive financial gain. Any conflict of interest is prohibited.
  • Can I require a fee or donation to join my club?
    • Clubs cannot require members to pay a fee or donate in order to join the club. Clubs are also not allowed to require members to apply for financial aid in order to pay a club fee.
  • How do I know what fundraiser form to fill out? 
    • There are two main fundraiser forms for clubs. The Drive Fundraiser form is for fundraisers such as food or shoe drives. The Student Run Group Fundraiser Form is required for any group where the proceeds of the fundraiser will be deposited into a school account. There is also a Parent Run Group/Booster Form that can only be used by those groups. 
  • How will I know if my fundraiser has been approved? 
    • Once you submit your fundraiser form in a timely manner (at least two weeks in advance), you cannot begin the events of your fundraiser until you receive confirmation that it has been approved. When your fundraiser has been approved, you will receive an email at the email your form provided confirming the approval.  
  • What if I don’t get my fundraiser form in with enough time to wait for approval? 
    • If you submit your fundraiser form at a time where there is not enough time between your approval and the event, you cannot hold the event until the fundraiser has been approved. Therefore, it is imperative that you submit it in a timely manner (at least two weeks in advance)