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Course Request-10th-12th Grade

(Students who will be in 10th-12th grade in 2023-24)

Welcome to 2023-24 CRF season! Please find instructions, CRF forms (for the grade you will be in next school year 2022-23), and resources below. 

Student Responsibilities & Deadlines:
Step 1: Read CRF instructions handout below with parent/guardian. Complete CRF form, including student and parent/guardian signatures.
Step 2: Between 2/16 - 3/10 students must enter all 15 courses, plus alternates, onto Synergy StudentVue/Course Request.
Step 3: Due on March 10th in 2nd period - CRF form, and a signed AP Contract if selecting an AP course. 12th grade students selecting a double off roll, the permission form below is required to be submitted with your CRF.

AP Information Meetings: Dates/locations can be found HERE. The meetings will be held during student lunch: Feb. 8th - 16th. If considering one or more AP courses, plan to attend. AP teachers will discuss course content and expectations.
  • Classroom CRF Presentations: 
  • CRF Instructions: Please read
  • Forms:
  • CRF Packet/resources:
  • Electives Fair:  February 28th in quad during lunch. Additionally, our electives teachers created videos and informational flyers which are posted on our Course Offerings webpage.
  • Transcripts: an unoffical copy was given to students when they received their CRF (Feb 2 - 9).
Parent CRF Q&A Drop-Ins: (for current 9th - 11th DNHS families only):
If you have questions regarding your child's course selection please attend one of the following Parent Q&A Drop-In's via zoom and in-person. These will be brief discussions with a DNHS counselor regarding course selection for next year.
Monday Feb. 27th, 2:30 - 5:00 pm, DNHS Staff lounge
Tuesday Feb. 28th, 2:30 - 5:00 pm, DNHS Staff lounge

Students can see their counselor: during break or lunch any day of the week throughout the school year, no appointment needed. Just drop by our office.
Mrs. Susie Kihneman (A-Cha): [email protected] 
Mrs. Lauren Collier (Chb-Gi): [email protected] 
Mr. Tim Roty (Gj-Kh): [email protected] 
Mrs. Lauren Kennedy (Ki-Mc): [email protected] 
Mr. Jesse Luna (Md-Raj): [email protected] 
Mrs. Karen Withem (Rak-Tam): [email protected] 
Mrs. Kathleen Marron (Tan-Z): [email protected] 

*CRF Classroom Vists: Counselors presented CRF information in classrooms the first two weeks of February: 9th/ENS 2 on 02/02, 10th/Social Science on 02/06, 11th/Social Science on 02/03. Students received their CRF, a packet of resources, and a copy of their transcript.
Presentations on the dates/periods below are for students without ENS/9th, Social Science/10th or 11th in trimester 2, or for students who were absent during their classroom presentation. Please attend one of the periods on a day that you do not have a quiz, test, or presentation. Go directly to the staff lounge at the start of the period you will be attending. Counseling will clear your attendance.
Date: Wed/Feb 8th or Thurs/Feb. 9th
Period: 1-5
Location: Staff Lounge

Naviance career & college research/Counselor CRF Audits - At the end of March/early April the counseling team will be working with 9th, 10th and 11th grade students. Counselors will meet one-on-one with students to review their transcript and course selection for next year, discuss progress with gradudation and college admissions requirements, and answer students questions. Guidance technicians will work with the students on Naviance, a career & college research tool.  

Coming from Outside PUSD?

Your first step is to check your address to ensure you live within Del Norte's boundaries.  Click here to check.  For more information, please email Sue Reich, [email protected] or Julie Islitzer, [email protected].   
You will need the following documents:
  • Student Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Student Immunizations
  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • Proof of Residency
  • Please also review all the CRF information so you can be prepared with any questions 
Note: If you reside in an area outside the Del Norte High School boundaries or in a school district outside PUSD, you must first contact PUSD regarding the process and procedure.