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Outside PUSD Courses


Students can pursue any classes at any school that you find fit for your student's goal, learning style, schedule, budget, locations, etc.  Parents and students take full responsibility to verify if the course(s) meet 4-year college admissions/UC/CSU A-G requirements and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) athletic eligibility requirements.

If the student has not started 9th grade yet:
  • Students are not permitted to transfer classes/credits to their high school transcript prior to the start of 9th grade.
  • One of the benefits of Del Norte’s trimester calendar is that students are provided ample time to fulfill and exceed graduation and college admission requirements in the regular day. Additionally, you have a fantastic Counseling team at the middle school who will also provide insight & guidance. They are your first point of contact.  You may also want to connect with your current 8th grade teachers to determine your preparedness for the next levels.
  • On the 9th Grade CRF, students should select the courses they intend to take in 9th grade. If a student plans to do summer coursework outside of PUSD to prepare for 9th grade, they should provide evidence of completed summer work to Del Norte Counseling by 9th grade registration in August. Course priority will be given to upper-grade levels (10th-12th).
  • The 9th grade CRF is carefully created with course options our teachers, counselors and administrators feel are the appropriate fit for 9th grade students. It is our recommendation that 9th grade students ONLY CHOOSE courses that are listed on the 9th grade CRF.  If a student chooses a course offered at Del Norte that is not on the 9th grade CRF, the student should review department recommendations on coursework completion prior to taking the course. A parent/guardian should attach a signed and dated note to the CRF with an explanation of the family’s plan for their student to prepare for the course. Any course requested that is not offered on the 9th grade CRF will be considered if space is available, which may not be finalized until the end of registration in August. Some courses are only available to specific grades and will not be available for 9th grade. The student should provide evidence (copy of transcript) of their completed summer preparatory coursework to Del Norte counseling by 9th grade registration in August.
  • Please read Further Considerations below. 
If the student is a current Del Norte student and attending Del Norte:
  • Once parent/guardian and student determine which school and course they want to pursue, they must complete the pre-approval forms prior to enrolling in the course - the student must see the registrar for written permission to take a course outside of PUSD as the course may not transfer onto the high school transcript.
  • We do not make recommendations on where students can take classes outside of PUSD. The UC Course List is a tool you may want to consider utilizing to research what schools outside of PUSD are offering the course(s) you are interested in taking and are UC approved.
  • Upon completion of approved courses, it is the family’s responsibility to order an official transcript (signed and sealed) to be received by the DNHS Registrar, Mariana Iniguez's office by the deadline. [email protected]
If the course is a Palomar College course, the student should:
1) register on Palomar’s website where they will get a Palomar student ID number
2) complete the K-12 form with parent/guardian signatures and Palomar ID #
3) bring the K-12 and Pre-Approval for Alternate Courses Form to DNHS registrar (A337) for authorization
4) submit K-12 form (and Add/Drop Form, if under the age of 16) to Palomar College
  • send ALL documentation in ONE email to Palomar Admissions
5) enroll in the Palomar class.
Additionally - Palomar College courses are not eligible for transfer to the high school transcript until after the completion of Grade 10.  All courses must be preapproved by the DNHS Registrar's Office and all paperwork complete prior to enrollment and attending the first day of the class.
Notes: If you are planning to take a course at a community college that utilizes an electronic approval form, you will need to enter the DNHS Registrar, contact information, Ms. Mariana Iniguez. [email protected]
Courses taken off-campus do NOT replace previously earned grades/credits on-campus. If you are pursuing an approved course off-campus for transferable grades/credits back to the DNHS transcript and completed the forms, then both grades factor into cumulative GPA.
  • On their CRF, students should request the courses they plan to take the next school year and provide evidence of successful completion of outside courses by registration in August.  
PUSD College & Career Technical Education - Early College Credit
  • Information regarding three programs that provide pathways for students to earn Early College Credit: Advanced Placement (AP), Articulation, and Concurrent Enrollment/Palomar College.
  • Students who take a 4-credit college course and received written permission from the Del Norte registrar prior to registering for the course, may petition to have it transferred back to their high school transcript as a 10-credit class. Please carefully read the attached form: Petition for 10 credit transfer for college course


Further Considerations:

  • Meeting the Criteria to earn the California State Seal of Biliteracy.
  • Taking courses outside PUSD is a family choice. Counselors cannot advise on equivalent course content, meeting course standards or the quality of preparation for higher level DNHS courses, particularly those courses that are available to take at DNHS. Please refer to the DNHS Course Catalog for course descriptions. Courses are not automatically transferred for high school credit. It is pertinent that students talk to the registrar prior to taking any outside courses.