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Counseling Staff

Welcome! Del Norte Counseling's mission is to provide a comprehensive counseling program addressing student's academic, career/college and social/emotional needs. We provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement; which includes identifying relevant and rigorous college preparatory coursework, career and college pathways, and completion of high school graduation and UC/CSU “a-g” college requirements.

Counselors work with students in all grade levels. Caseloads are divided alphabetically by student's last name.
Mrs. Susie Kihneman, Counselor (A-Cha)
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6327

Mr. Shaun Harvey, Counselor (Chb-Gi)
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6303 

Mr. Tim Roty, Counselor (Gj-Kh)
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6312

Mrs. Lauren Kennedy, Counselor (Ki-Mc)
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6324
Request a meeting with Mrs. Kennedy

Mr. Jesse Luna, Counselor (Md-Raj)
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6301
Request a meeting with Mr. Luna –  
(7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and student lunch by appointment)
Instagram: nighthawkambassadors

Mrs. Brenda Stone (Rak-Tam)
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6310

Mrs. Kathy Marron, Counselor (Tan-Z)
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6305
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General counseling questions:
Mrs. Sue Reich, Academic & Career Guidance Technician
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6325

Ms. Julie Islitzer, Counseling Assistant
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6326

Student Support Services
Ms. Michelle Castro, Student Support Specialist
[email protected]
(858) 487-0877 x6149 or x6191

Questions regarding student records and transcripts:
Registrar: [email protected]

If you are a college or university requesting to schedule a college rep visit, please visit questions email Sue Reich: [email protected].