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Club Information

Club Information

DNHS is proud to offer a variety of student led clubs.
Please note: 
  • This is the 2023-24 DNHS Clubs List.  It contains clubs which have been approved, responded to their acceptance email, and completed the binder check and the monthly activity forms.  The list will continue to be updated as needed.  If you do not see your club on the list and have responded to the acceptance email at least one week prior, please reach out to [email protected].  Thank you!
  • The DNHS Club list is organized by club type.  Please click on the pages at the bottom to explore all active clubs.
Questions? Please email [email protected]

2024-25 School Year

Due September 13, 2024

Existing DNHS Clubs need to submit the following completed forms the ASB room (B128) no later than September 13, 2024.

Club Renewal Application - ALL existing clubs who wish to remain active in the 2024/25 school year will need to complete this form.

Request to Carry Over Funds - Clubs are required by law to spend at least 80% of their earnings during that same school year.  There may be times, however, that clubs will need to carry over more than 20% of the previous year's earnings.  Clubs with this circumstance will need to complete this form.

Join Remind:

      • Clubs Starting with Letters A-M: @clubs2024a
      • Clubs Starting with Letters N-Z: @clubs2024b

***Did you miss the end of year interclub meeting (5/28/24)?  A copy of the presentation can be found here!


2024/25 Club Dates:

  • September 4, 2024: Interclub Meeting at lunch in the gym.  All clubs wishing to remain active for the 2024/25 school year will need to send one representative.  Topics will include required forms/deadlines and Club Rush.
  • September 13, 2024: Deadline to submit Club Renewal and Request to Carry Over (if applicable) forms.
  • September 25-27, 2024: Club Rush. (Must be an approved 2024-25 DNHS club.)
  • February 3-7, 2025: Club Binder Checks
  • May 27, 2025: Interclub Meeting at lunch in the gym.  All clubs wishing to remain active for the 2025/26 school year will need to send one representative. 
Forms for Prospective Clubs:
  • New Club Application Form - If you are interested in starting a club, follow all of the steps below:
    • Find a teacher to serve as your advisor.
    • Sign up at least 10 other interested students.
    • Print out and complete the Club Application Form.
    • Turn in your completed form to the ASB room.
    • Respond to the [email protected] email.
    • Join Remind - 
      • Clubs Starting with Letters A-M: @clubs2024a
      • Clubs Starting with Letters N-Z: @clubs2024b
Club Activity Request Form - Club Activities - or see Ms. Byrd in the Nighthawk Center for a copy of the Activity Request Form.
Poster/Chalk Guidelines
Finance/Fundraising – For detailed finance/fundraising information and forms.

Club Email Announcements - In an effort to reduce the number of emails our students/families receive, we send out one email with all club announcements each Monday afternoon.  We are asking that advisors send all club email announcement requests to Mrs. Mitchell by lunch on Mondays, including the following information:
  • Name of Club
  • Club email
  • Scripted announcement
  • The Monday that you would like it sent out (Please limit to one Monday for each unique email announcement)
Meeting Minutes – Meeting minutes must be taken at each meeting and put in your club folder.  They are proof to an auditor that the club is active and exists.  They want to know students are making the decisions.  Club minutes must reflect all student expenditures.  (Please see page 9 of the Club Handbook for a blank meeting minutes form.  You can use this one or your own, as long as the information contained is consistent.)
Meeting minutes must include:
  • Name of the club holding the meeting and date, time and place of the meeting
  • Names of those who attend
  • What was discussed during the meeting
  • What action was taken during the meeting
  • The results of any votes taken, including who made a motion and who seconded the motion
  • Who prepared the minutes