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Nighthawk Ambassador Program

The Del Norte High School Nighthawk Ambassador Program Mission Statement:
2024 Nighthawk Ambassadors
The DNHS Ambassador program consists of exceptional DNHS seniors committed to the academic achievement and character of younger students in the district. In order to promote 6 CHARACTER COUNTS Pillars and academic success, 
the ambassadors will visit participating elementary/middle schools with three primary messages: First, living a life of strong character will help one achieve happiness and success. Second, committing oneself to academics is a key to a successful lifestyle. And, finally, maintaining a clean, tobacco, drug and alcohol-free lifestyle will help one achieve his/her dreams.
The Assembly: THE NIGHTHAWKS ARE COMING!!!  They perform a brief “assembly” where they talk about any of the 6 Character Counts Pillars. Schools can tell us if they have a particular issue or subject they would like the Ambassadors to discuss. (i.e., bullying, cliques, honor, tobacco/drug free, etc,.) Prior to our visit we will send posters to place around campus to promote our visit and create excitement. Ambassadors spend the bulk of their visit talking one on one with students and signing their personal “Trading-Cards” (the back of the card has a message for the student as well.) We have had much success and positive feedback visiting our neighboring school and schools that our Ambassadors have graduated from. The Ambassadors serve as mentors and every day hero’s to our younger students. They are role models for our students to aspire to―they are living proof of how you can lead successful and happy life throughout your career in PUSD. We can tailor our visit to your request; options include:
Indoor Assembly- a Crowd Pleaser and our Favorite! Allows for our Ambassadors to give their lively, foot stomping message to a captive audience in a Multi-Purpose Room setting… followed up with 1 on 1 trading card signing. A sound system is recommended. 20-45 minutes depending on your timeframe.
Playground Assembly- Ambassadors will meet and greet on the blacktop! They will talk to smaller groups of students. Students are free to come and go as their teacher/playground time permits. Card signing is done during the meet and greet. Time depends upon length of recess ~approx. 25-30 minutes (Click Here)
Individual classroom visits- Ambassadors introduce themselves- give a quick message, answer questions and leave behind cards for teachers to hand out. 8-15 minutes/class: with about 5-10 classes visited depending on how many Ambassadors are in attendance. Nighthawk Ambassadors
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2023-24 Nighthawk Ambassadors
Nighthawk Ambassadors

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