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The Radical Readers Book Club 

Our club is a place for people who love reading and books. Our meetings are always open and everyone is invited to chime in about whatever book we are currently reading. Even if some members haven't read the book, they are still welcome. During meetings, we talk about multiple topics besides the book we are currently reading. For example, we may discuss other books we read and what our opinion was on them. Our club provides a fun and safe environment for those who love books and for those who want to gain interest in books. We choose the next book by doing a group vote. Anyone can join and everyone is welcome.

*We try to screen books for sensitive content, and we give alternative options if necessary.
For More Information, please access our website: BOOK CLUB
Teacher Librarian: Michelle Furtado  M.A., M.L.I.S. Library Media Technician: Karla Palomino
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