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Work Permits

Students under 18 years of age are required by State law to have a work permit issued through their home school. Students may not work until the actual work permit has been issued.

Approving Work Permits

The minimum requirements are (all within the current school year):

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Less than 3 unexcused absences
  • No excessive excused absences
  • Less than 3 tardies
  • No excessive disciplinary action taken
If everything is satisfactory, the work permit will be issued. In addition, if you do not meet these minimum requirements after being issued a work permit, it may be revoked.

Steps To Obtaining A Work Permit While School is in Session 

You will secure employment prior to getting a work permit. Read and sign the  (B1-1) Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor form. You can print form from the hperlink or pick-up a copy in the Nighthawk Center.  This is a two step process:
  1. The completed B1-1 Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor form and the Work Permit Instructions form can be dropped off during break, lunch, or before/after school to Ms. Fong in the Nighthawk Center.  Make sure you have the forms completed and signed or it could cause a delay in processing.
  2. Executed work permits can be picked up during the same time and location 2-4 days later.  Students must pick up the work permit since it requires their signature.  Please note, during busy periods of the school year the processing time can be longer.
Available Credits: If you are interested in work experience credits, please see your counselor for more information.  All work experience students (including 18 year olds) are required to have a work permit.

Obtaining a work permit during the Summer

To process work permits after June 10th for the summer, please see Summer Work Permits- Instructions.

Entertainment Work Permits

If you need to obtain an entertainment work permit-download this form and follow the procedures listed on the document. When obtaining school authorities signatures, please return the form to Mrs. Gama, our registrar, for processing.

The local Division of Labor Standards Enforcement office is located at:
7575 Metropolitan Drive, Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92108

For additional information: California Department of Education