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Student Transfers

If you are New to PUSD, or live outside of DNHS boundaries:

Complete the Intradistrict Transfer Request, Form PP-126 and turn in to the Student Attendance & Discipline Office located at 15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA 92128.

Phone (858) 521-2840.

After Approval, follow the instructions for New Enrollments here.




Complete all sections of Part A of Parent’s Request for Interdistrict Transfer Request, Form SDCOE -341 and fill in the reason for request in the space provided. Sign request.
1.    Obtain approval of the authorized school administrator of the district of residence.
2.    Take the request form to the administrator of the school district of desired attendance.
3.    Parent/guardian will be notified by mail of the final decision from the Office of Student Attendance and Welfare on the request.
4.    If the request for transfer is employment related, verification of employment is needed.
After Approval, follow the instructions for New Enrollments here.
For more information visit the Attendance and Discipline web page.