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Welcome Nighthawks to Del Norte Counseling. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive counseling program addressing the academic, career and personal/social development of all Del Norte students. School counselors are professional advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement. We are committed to our students being college and career ready!


Upcoming Events

Current students: the last day to add or drop a class for trimester 3 is Friday March 15, 2024.
Current 8th grade families:
     8th Grade Family Night - Monday March 18, 2024 @ 5 pm
     Find course selection process here on our Course Request - Incoming 9th page.
     Course catalog and department information sheets on Course Offerings page.
     Considering taking courses outside of PUSD? Outside PUSD Courses page.


Quick References

2023-24 Course Request Forms (CRF) and resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule Change Process  

Students can request schedule changes before a trimester begins or within the first 10 school days of each trimester.


2023-24 add/drop deadlines:

Trimester 1 - August 29, 2023.   Trimester 2 - December 01, 2023.   Trimester 3 - March 15, 2024
Students must complete a Schedule Change Request Form and return it to counseling. 


Schedule Change Request Form: 

Other Resources:



Students can view their trimester schedule the evening before the trimester opens. Please follow the guidelines below if the student has a concern with their schedule:


  • Open or double period on your schedule: See your counselor the first day of school during that period.
  • Placed in the wrong class level: Complete and turn in a schedule change form. Go to all classes on your schedule. Your counselor will work on it as quickly as possible and get in touch with you as soon as it is resolved.
  • Requests to change an elective class: Beginning the 3rd day of each trimester you may drop off a completed schedule change request in the box in the front office. Due to scheduling conflicts and available space, students do not always get their requested elective. Counselors will do their best to accommodate your request and will contact you as soon as a decision has been made.

Examples of acceptable changes:

  1. Level change: e.g. you have Spanish 1-2 on your schedule, but you need to be in Spanish 3-4.
  2. Open Period: less than five classes in one trimester.
  3. Incorrect class: incorrect class, e.g. you requested Mandarin but received Spanish.

Examples of unacceptable changes:

  1. We cannot accept requests for a specific teacher, trimester, or period.
  2. Required grade level courses will not be dropped.
  3. AP courses cannot be dropped. 

Pass/Fail Grading 

In order to allow students to take courses to enrich their high school experience without endangering their GPA, individual students may elect to take courses on a pass/fail basis. Each student may opt for only one pass/fail academic class per trimester. Students must complete all pass/fail requests with Ms. Iniguez, Registrar (located in the Nighthawk Center) during the first five school days of the trimester. Students cannot apply for pass/fail for any courses on the ‘a-g’ list of approved courses for the CSU/University of California. In summer session, requests must be completed during the first three (3) days of the session. A Pass grade will not be calculated in the student's GPA; however, an F will be calculated.



A student will be required to make up an incomplete within five school weeks after the receipt of the incomplete grade. If this incomplete grade is not removed within the time limit, the student will receive a grade as indicated by the teacher.