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Athletic Clearance


  CLICK HERE for PUSD Physical Exam Form & Health History Form

How to Complete the Athletic Clearance Process

Students who are interested in trying out for a sport are required to obtain a Pre-Participation Physical Exam and parents/guardians/students must complete paperwork annually, called "Athletic Clearance" paperwork.  The athletic clearance process is required once each school year, not each sport season.

1. Complete all Athletic Clearance Forms In Home Campus

  • New students including current 8th graders: Parent/guardian should create a free account with parent/guardian email first, create a profile for their student(s), then follow the prompts to complete the electronic forms for 2022-23.
  • Returning athletes:    **all athletes will be NEW to Home Campus for the 2023-2024 school year.   
  • You will need to print, complete, and submit the Physical Exam Form, as well as the Spectator's Code of Conduct Page (located in Home Campus). If you are attending Physical Night at Del Norte on May 31, 2023, the Athletic Department will keep the forms at the end of the event (you will still need to submit a hard copy of the Code of Conduct to the Athletic Department before the athlete will be cleared)


2. Visit a Medical Professional for a Pre-Participation Physical Exam 

  • You may visit your primary care doctor, or click here for alternative PLACES TO GET A PHYSICAL EXAM and information/rules about physicals
  • All athletes are required to obtain a physical exam, which is valid for one year.    HOWEVER, in order to be valid for their season of participation, the physical can not expire at any point during that season.
  • This must be done with one of the following California Licensed health care professionals:
    • Physician (MD/DO)
    • Physician’s Associate (PA-C)
    • Nurse Practitioner (NP)
    • Chiropractor (DC)
  • Take the Health History & Physical Forms with you to your exam
    • Page one and two (1/2) should be completed and signed by parent/athlete
    • Page three (3) is for the health care provider to complete
    • Make sure when you leave the appointment, you take home the doctor-signed hard copies with you.
  • NOTE: If your student will need to carry medication at school and during athletics, the doctor/parent/student must complete the following forms. A copy of these forms should be sent to the DNHS Health Office and all medication must be verified by the Health Technician. We strongly recommend students carry their life-saving medications (insulin, inhaler and/or epi-pens) for athletic practices and competitions.

3. Submit the original hard copy forms to the Athletic Office

  1. Physical Form (1 page)
  2. Signed Spectator's Code of Conduct (located in Home Campus)
  • Hard copy forms must be submitted on or before submission deadline for each season. 
  • Athletes will not be "cleared" until hard copy forms are received. 
  • Please ensure all names, dates, stamps, and signatures are included on all forms.
    2023-2024  Athletic Clearance Due Dates
    Fall Sports: June 1, 2023
    Winter Sports: Oct 15, 2023
    Spring Sports: Jan 15, 2024

If these steps are not completed:  No tryouts, No exceptions!

Transfer students are considered students who have attended another high school prior to becoming a student at Del Norte High School. Transfer students must meet with the Athletic Director to begin the Athletic Clearance process. The student must clear Residential Eligibility before being allowed to participate at Del Norte High School. Parents of transfer students need to contact the Athletic Office (858) 487-0877 ext. 6318


Check your Cleared Status in Home Campus

You can login to Home Campus as often as you'd like to update important information, check the paperwork clearance status of your athlete, and check injury information throughout the season. Contact the Athletic Trainer (AT) if your child has an injury you are concerned about.



  • Physicals are valid for 12 months and cannot expire during your sport season including playoffs.
  • If the student is transferring from another school, parents should ask for the athlete's physical from that school and email/bring it to Del Norte Athletics Office.
  • The Athletic Clearance process/paperwork must be completed each school year.



Q:  Can I email or fax my student's Physical Exam form to the Athletic Department?

A:   No, we cannot accept faxes or emails.  Please have your student drop off original hard copies at the Athletics desk.

Q:  How long are physicals valid?  

A:  Physicals are valid for one year, HOWEVER, they may not expire at any point during the sport season they are participating in.   If their current physical expires during the coming season, they will need a new physical exam done and submitted to the athletic department by the due date for that season.    CIF sport athletic season dates can be found HERE.

Q:  What happens if I turn in my Athletic Clearance forms/ or complete the online portion late?

A:  Please continue to complete everything, but be advised that due to the large volume of student-athlete paperwork, we cannot guarantee that late submissions can be processed in time for tryouts.

Q:  My doctor can't get my student in for a physical exam until after the deadline.  Can my student still try out?

A:   No, students may not try out without confirmed clearance through Home Campus.   Information on other places to get a sports physical can be found on the Athletic Clearance page on the DN website.

Q:   I initialed/used first names only on all of the electronic forms in Home Campus.  Is that ok?

A:  No, please ensure that all signature lines are completed with full names (First, Last).   

Q:  Does the "Confirmation Message" mean that my student is cleared to participate?

A:   No, the Confirmation Page is confirmation that all of the required documents in Home Campus have been completed on your end.   The Athletic Department still needs to review and approve all documentation.   When that has been done, you will receive a "Clearance" email.

Q:  Should I turn in hard copies of my student's immunization records?

A:  No, we don't require hard copies of these records.

Q:   My student is cleared.  Do they need to pick up a blue paper Ticket-to-Play?

A:   No, we are not handing out paper tickets anymore.  Coaches are able to see who is cleared and who is not in Home Campus.