Parent/Teacher Conferences 10/5/23 - Early Dismissal


Del Norte’s parent-teacher conferences are a vital component for a struggling student’s education.  These conferences provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to connect with the teacher and discuss the student’s academic progress, social/emotional development, and overall performance in classes.

Please note not all students require a conference, the focus of parent/guardian-teacher conferences is to address concerns of struggling Nighthawks.  Teacher’s will reach out directly to parents if they feel a conference is necessary.

What to expect from Del Norte parent-teacher (students should attend) conferences:

  • Provide powerful opportunities for students to take ownership and advocate for their own learning.
  • Discuss ways to increase academic performance. Opportunity to create an action plan for success.
  • Encourage students to think critically about their actions and ways to improve.
  • Give the students enough time to adapt and earn a grade they can be proud of.


Our Why:

Data has shown that parent/guardian involvement in a student’s education can lead to better academic outcomes, improved attendance, and higher graduation rates.  Our goal is to partner with parents/guardians and students to support learning and achieve desired academic outcomes.

Please be sure to click on the picture to see the Parent/Teacher Conference bell schedule for the day.